Rolling Shutters

For Sliding Glass Doors

Caribbean and Plantation Shutters are perfect for glass sliding doors. Shutters provide privacy when needed or partial light through the louvers or total light when the shutters are rolled back off of the doors.

  • Shutters will not flap in the breeze like curtains
  • Shutters will never get caught in the doors like curtains
  • Shutters block the light when needed
  • Shutters do not swing and sway like vertical blinds
  • Shutter will not need dry cleaning
  • Shutters are permanent and almost maintenance free

Rolling shutters are suspended overhead on an easy-glide aluminum track that is installed on the wall over the doors. The carriers are nylon wheels that do not jam or skip but allow perfectly smooth function of the shutters. With adequate wall space the shutters can roll off to either side of the door revealing the full view and maximum available light. The shutters do not bi-fold like closet doors but rather roll back on the track, parallel to the wall taking very little space in front of the doors.

The diagram shows a detail of the track and how the shutters install on the glass sliding door, but do not hesitate to give us a call before measuring. We can walk through the steps for measuring and the installation by phone. Your shutters will be painted or stained the color you specify. They will arrive with all necessary hardware and a diagram for installation. Installation can be done by any husband or handyman carpenter with ease. Tools required: Measuring tape, screw gun and spirit level. Perhaps also a venti Starbucks.

Of course we are glad to offer installation support by phone and the best customer service you have ever had.

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The rolling shutters above are on 3 tracks covering a triple panel glass door, two shutters per door panel.
All shutters roll off to the ample wall space on each side. Louvers are the Caribbean style, 3 1/2" wide.

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Watch our Johanna proudly demonstrating
the space-saving Sliding Shutters.

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Installation of Rolling shutters

Tools required:
  • Electric drill/screw gun
  • 1/8" dia. drill bit
  • #2 Phillips drive bit
  • tape measure
  • spirit level
Step 1) Locate the studs in your wall for installation of the ogee brackets (studs are generally located at 16" on center).

Step 2) Install the ogee brackets on the wall using the 2" or 3" screws supplied being sure to screw into the studs. Check your installation to be sure that the brackets are secure and level.

Step 3) Install the header to the brackets using the 1 1/4" screws provided being careful to pre- drill a pilot hole first (bees wax or hand soap applied minimally to the threads of the screw makes it easier to drive).

Step 4) Install tracks to header using 3/4" screws provided. Front track should be mounted 1/8" from the front of the header, second track should be spaced 7/8" back from the front track (see diagram above) If your tracks are spliced be sure they are abutted at the center of the opening.

Step 5) Remove Easy-Glide ball bearing carriers from shutters by opening the catch on the base plate and install 4 Easy-Glide ball bearing carriers onto each track inserting Easy-Glide ball bearing carrier from one end of the track.

Step 6) Install the 4 stops into the 2 tracks at each end, setting the position to stop the shutter at the proper location at the end of the track.

Step 7) Install the two shutters onto Easy-Glide ball bearing carriers of the back track first, then the two shutters onto the Easy-Glide ball bearing carriers of the front track.

Step 8) Level the shutters if necessary using the wrench provided.

Step 9) Install the fascia to cover hardware using brads provided. See diagram

Of course you are always welcome to call us at for additional information or support.

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A photo from a client: Rolling Shutters for a 76" x 80" glass door. These shutters roll off to each side giving full view out of doors

Mr.Yates pool room with rolling shutters. Four panel glass sliding door with eight plantation shutter panels rolling off to each side.

More Photo Contributions
From Our
Happy Customers

Rolling shutters are sometimes installed within the door jamb when there is limited wall space.
In this case the left pair of shutters rolls back over the right hand pair allowing access to the operable side of the glass door.

"Wayne; Just wanted to let you know we Love our new shutters. Built a new wood cornice board.

Thanks so much, Susan B."